Important Info for Last-Minute Voting

If you haven't voted, you still have until 8pm tonight!

If you have your filled out ballot with BOTH ENVELOPES: bring the ballot to a drop box or satellite locations (here is an updated list compiled by UNITE HERE:

**Keep in mind: Ballot boxes close at 8pm SHARP regardless of whether there is a line! If you are cutting it close, go to a satellite location.

If you have lost your envelopes for your mail-in ballot: you can bring your ballot to your polling place where it can be voided and you can vote as usual.

If you have trouble with voiding their provisional ballots at your polling place, or any other questions, please stay at the polling place and call the Common Cause PA Election Protection hotline at 866-OUR-VOTE.​

If you have lost your mail-in ballot: You can vote by provisional ballot at your polling place.

To find your polling place, click here:

Remember: STAY IN LINE! Even if it's after 8pm, as long as you're in line, you can STILL VOTE!

If you encounter any problems voting, or have any general questions, call the Common Cause PA election protection hotline at 866-OUR-VOTE.

For more information, visit this Pennsylvania AFL-CIO page: 

Thanks for voting and please spread the word about this information!