Job Posting: Philly AFL-CIO/United Way Labor Liaison

The Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO and the United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey are hiring a Labor Liaison.

The Labor Liaison is responsible for facilitating and managing a positive collaborative relationship between United Way and the Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO and any/all union partnerships.  The liaison supports activities, community relationships, fundraising, and outreach programs that reflect the shared priorities of these organizations.

The successful completion of the tasks and responsibilities of this position will result in increased exposure and member involvement between organized labor and United Way; increased civic (volunteer) participation and fundraising contributions by union members in United Way.  It will also allow for increased visibility for the partnership between the Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO and United Way and with other union affiliates as appropriate.

The position’s essential functions include (1) ensuring an increased labor presence at events and activities sponsored by United Way that are directly connected to United Way’s mission; (2) leading and supporting efforts to involve organized labor in specific giving (fundraising) activities and (3) building, maintaining and managing relationships with union leadership, constituents and key community partners and complete other administrative duties

Download the attached pdf for a full job description including qualifiactions, preferred skills, and salary. Interested applicants should send a cover letter, resume and three references to Kathleen Latarre at [email protected].