Workers Memorial Day 2020

Today, April 28th, is Workers Memorial Day. It's a day of mourning and remembrance for workers who have tragically lost their lives on the job, and it's a day that reminds us that workplace safety shouldn't be a privilege -- it's a right.

Throughout the week, for Workers Memorial Week, our sisters and brothers in the labor movement are fighting for better workplace protections for all workers. The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO has shared an in memoriam video for workers who have tragically lost their lives on the job in the past year.

In Pennsylvania, public sector workers are not covered by OSHA protections. There are two bills in the state legislature that demand OSHA protections for public sector workers in the Commonwealth: HB 1082 and SB 464.

There are a number of ways this week you can honor the memory of fallen workers and show support for improved workplace safety.

- The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO has compiled a letter writing campaign, where you can write letters to both the State House and the State Senate calling for OSHA protections for public sector workers in the Commonwealth. Please complete both and share with your friends, family, and colleagues!

- We have created a Facebook frame for Workers Memorial Day, which you can add to your profile photo to show your support.

- You can share our graphic on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to show your support for Public Sector OSHA.

Remember, this week is Workers Memorial Week, so we ask that you take action and share the images/letters throughout the whole week. Stay safe, and keep those who have passed in your hearts and minds.

"Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living." --Mother Jones

In Solidarity,

The Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO Team